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01.07.2008 lcReflex-1702 Stereomonitor now is presented at Virtual Reality permanent exhibition of the Exhibition Center at VVC. Besides the test slideshow you can see lcReflex stereomonitor real use with the StereoComparator software (refer to the staff of the exhibition).

30.04.2008 Deliveries of lcReflex-2002 stereomonitors manufactured at “Vityas”(Vitebsk, Belarus) started.

10.03.2008 March 11-14 at "GeoForm+2008" expo (stand № D1121, hall 2, pavilion 1, Crocus Expo IEC) the "Racurs" company will expose photogrammetric station on the baseline of lcReflex-2002 stereomonitor.

30.11.2007   Agreement with “Vityas” (Vitebsk, Belarus) TV factory on lcReflex-2002 stereomonitors joint development and production signed.

09.09.2007 Downloads: added eClipse v1.2 stereodriver Compensation of brightness drop in stereo modes improved. Ms Windows Vista support added.

01.09.2007 The contract with the "Racurs" company on lcReflex stereomonitors distribution signed

04.09.2007 Downloads: added MultiTSC v.1.0 MultiTSC is a software layer over Microsoft Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Client. This application allows to organize multiple user workplaces for Terminal Server access using single personal computer that have additional display monitors( and video adapters),USB keyboards and mouses. Further information can be found here (Russian) or here (english).

27.08.2007 Welcome to our stand at EuroDisplay 2007 (Moscow, Expocenter, September 18-21) expo. Our new developments will be presented: lcReflex-2002 stereomonitor and eClipse-2 stereo glasses controller. A report on liquid crystals microcapsulating technology will be delivered on Eurodisplay scientific conference.



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