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  • Screen Size: 10" (lcReflex-100x)  and 20"  (lcReflex-2002)

  • Resolution: 800x600, 1024x768 (10")  and 1400x1050 (20")

  • Color depth: 16.2 million

  • Stereocontrast: 1:100


Compatible software:



3D monitor lcReflex

lcReflex-2002                                                lcReflex-100x

lcReflex 3D monitors are designed to display 3D information received from a PC or directly from stereoscopic video cameras. The main area of use of Stereomonitors lcReflex is a professional applications requiring high-quality stereo and long-time running: photogrammetry, CAD, design, microscopy, etc.


The scheme of 3D monitors lcReflex:




Now are produced  10" (llcReflex-1001 andllcReflex-1002)  and 20" (lcReflex-2002) models.




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