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  • Screen Size:                20"

  • Resolution:                  1400x1050

  • Color depth:                16.2M

  • Pixel size:                     0.292

  • Contrast of LCD:         1:600

  • Brightness of LCD:    300 cd/m2

  • Response time:         8 ms

  • Interfaces:                    VGA, DVI-D

    Power consumption: 90 W                                            Weight:                        18 kg        
    Dimensions:               480480470 mm




3D monitor lcReflex-2002

lcReflex 3D stereoscopic monitors are designed to display 3D information received from a PC. The main area of use of 3D monitors lcReflex are a professional applications requiring a high-quality stereo viewing and continuous running: photogrammetry, CAD, design, medicine, etc.




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