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Supported stereo modes:

  • Page flipping
  • Interlaced  
  • horizontal screen split 
  • Anaglyph

Supported image format:

  • Types - bmp, jpg, png, gif, tif
  • Color Depth -  8 to 32 bit
  • Size - up to 12 mpx


  •  Windows 98/Me/2000/XP  

StereoScope v.1.0 (beta)

       StereoScope - is a multifunctional graphic viewer (pictures, slides, photographs) running under Windows. Unlike most existing viewers, it allows to work not only with regular monographic images, but also with almost all possible types of stereoimages. Using StereoScope, you can view your stereoimages on the screen in their true three-dimensional form.

       StereoScope has the ability to view most popular graphic file types, including advanced set of features for flexible search, storing, editing and viewing of images (ie, drawings, photographs, both mono and stereo).


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Updated: 05.03.2009