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Magnification:                                        4х... 200х
Resolution of the analog camera:  460... 560 lines
Resolution of the numeral camera: 1.3... 5 Mpx
The screen size of the monitor:        10"
Resolution of the monitor:     800х600 (lcReflex-1001) or                                                                   1024х768 (lcReflex-1002)
Monitor interfaces:                               TV-video, VGA
Interfaces of cameras:       TV-video/USB/Ethernet (IP)






Stereo microvisors

Stereo microvisor consist from microscope MBS-10, stereoscopic video adapter for 2 cameras and 10" 3D monitor lcReflex :


A optical eyepieces can be used also :


A stereo microvisors are designed for a scientific researches,  industry (microassembling, control), medicine, criminalistics, etc. – i.e. areas where long time work with microobjects is required. Image viewing on the screen is more comfortable, than through optical eyepieces, and the two-panel LCD stereomonitor provides the most qualitative stereoscopic images.
Can be used both TV and digital video cameras (USB/IP) with resolution up to 5 megapixels. For viewing of stereoimages from USB and IP cameras a
StereoCam software is available.

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