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  • Frequency - up to 200Hz

  • Interface - VGA DDC (not lower VESA 1.1b), RS-232

  • Stereo glasses slots - 2

  • Maximum load - up to 4 stereo glasses

Stereo modes:

  •  Interlaced

  • Line Blanking

  • Page Flipping

  • Over/Under

Supported stereo glasses:



eClipse-1.0 Controller

eClipse-1Controller offers the most complete set of supported stereo modes, stereo glasses and control functions of available today.

A feature of this controller is the embedded microprocessor and flash ROM, allowing to keep the product up to date without the need to upgrade hardware components, by renewing firmware only.. 

Versions of the microcontroller firmware currently available for download:

  • version 2.40 - added stereo mode auto-activation when stereosignal detected (DDC, interlace, command line)  

  • version 2.70 - improved eClipse-1.0 stereo glasses control program, resulting higher performance and higher contrast.

  • version 2.80 - fixed bug causing stereocontroller selfblocking, controller stopped processing stereodriver's instructions 

Attention: flashing the new firmware (as well as flashing PC BIOS) is potentially dangerous, and should be done only in case of real necessity. Firmware upgrade should be performed after OS reboot, at a minimum of the loaded programs.


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Updated: 05.03.2009